In today's business environment, buyers are more comfortable with the internet.
Today's average customer is more likely to look up your company on the internet than
they are to call you first. What they find causes that customer to form an opinion about
your company, either good or bad.

An effective web presence can be an important factor in getting new customers and
making sales, but more importantly, it is an effective way to assure a new prospect that
you are not some fly-by-night operation that will take his money and run, but a bona
fide business.

Other times, a customer has heard about you or received your promotion, yet isn't
ready to make the leap to reach out and call you. These customers often ARE willing
to type your URL in the browser to see what they find. Having an attractive website
that helps them to make the next step to call can mean the difference between lost
forever and a sale.

Remember, our goal at PRINTEX DESIGN is to find you cost-effective solutions that will
help you improve your bottom line. We offer website packages that fit your budget and
will bring your web presence to the level necessary to get you results.
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