Business Cards in detail

Business card is an extension of your business that you live behind in hopes to gain more business or to make it
easy for customer to find you when they need your services. Since it is such a vital part of your business it is
important to pay attention to its design and quality as it will represent the quality of your service when you are not
around to represent it yourself. Almost all businesses have business cards but not all business cards as great as
others and whether you sell car parts or high end clothing the design of the card is important and can have big
impact on your customers when they have to choose you over the competitor.  The quality of print is also major part
of the image you want to portray and as there are many options in paper quality, printing processes and finishing's
it is often hard to choose the right combination. Here are some of the steps you want to follow to get great looking
business cards.

Step 1 - Find a Designer

Do it yourself concept almost always does not work in this case. Even though many print shops  offer online design
it yourself tools that you can use and there are software's that have predesigned templates that you can use the
outcome of all this usually ends up being generic boring looking business cards that have no design esthetics or
personality.  Design is a process  that  can have limitless outcomes and it takes a professional to know when to
stop or which direction to go.  Even though you are probably the best person to know what information you want on
your business card you may not the best person to  put it together and that usually leads to poor design which one
way or another will affect your business.

Step 2 - Have all right attributes in place

It is important that you have all important information in and live out the extra s. Consider business card as the way
of delivering your contact information and not about us brochure. It is strictly to help your customer find you when
they need you. So what is important perhaps business name in a shape of Logo will be a nice detail and will also
create brand recognition over the time.  Your name is preferable on the card  as most people have hard time
remembering names and if they have to call and guess whom they talked to last time it may be a reason not to call
at all. Title will be a nice detail to know as it will represent your position in the company or your area of expertise
which is great detail and can be of use to customer in discussing their order with you. Phone number is an obvious
must followed by e-mail address that is such an important tool of communication and first contact. Fax number may
be  necessary to  some businesses and may not be needed for others so it will depend on your field and way of
conducting business. And at last there is the address. Having physical address on the business card is a good
thing and gives your customers sense of security and legitimacy. Businesses that do not have physical address
may be as attractive as the once that do and even though you may have better service or pricing they might
choose your competition just because they can have that feeling of security.

Step 3 - Have a discussion with your designer about overall concept of your business.

When discussing your order with designer it will be helpful to be prepared in advance for few questions that will be
asked. What is your business? Who are your customers and what they expect from you? What special expertise
you have that may appeal your customers? All of this questions and some more will help your designer to have
better idea on what is the project and will guide in deciding the color pallet, font selection, design theme and many
other design questions that need to be addressed in design process...

Step 4 - Before beginning to work on design decide on printing process

There are many printing processes available and each one have their unique requirements that need to be
addressed from the very first step.  Good example will be Full color printing verses Foil Stamped business cards.
Both of this processes can create beautiful end product but fundamental difference in the capabilities can cause
problems as for example full color printing will allow you to use full color photo images in your design but foil
stamping can only do solid one color impression on the card so if your designer used photos or multiple colors but
you liked foil stamped business cards that design will be useless.

Step 5 - Ask your printer for options

As there are many print technologies exist there are even more paper and coating options you can choose from.
Paper options are limitless however most print shops will have their standard paper options available as stock
paper and they will usually offer good pricing if you choose to go with one of the standard options but you don't
have to settle for the ordinary and ask for custom options and if you are ok paying a bit extra custom choice should
not be a problem. There are also many coatings available and most common once are Aqueous Coating
(Semi-Matt), UV coating (Glossy), Matt Coating and many other custom coating such as glitter, frost or even silk

Step 6 - Keep Design Consistent

Once you know all the details on Paper and finishes you like it's time to start the design process.  Design  options
are limitless so it is wise to have in mind a style that you like, color pallet that most appealing to you, font style and
so on. It is wise to keep your design consistent with your other marketing materials so it is consistent brand
marketing and you don't end up with multiple logos or color pallets. This is an important detail that many small
businesses disregard and even though you may not be able to spend fortune on marketing any bit of it brings you
business and if customer receives chaotic stream of material that is inconsistent it is hard for him to remember your
brand and they will just move on to the next supplier.
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