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Funny Signs
Warning - No

Item: DS-FS-001
Warning - No
Trespassing - We are
armed and ready for
Item: DS-FS-002
Warning - No Parking
Lind Mines - Just
Find Another Spot

Item: DS-FS-003
Warning - No
Trespassing -
Intergalactic Automated
Air to ...
Item: DS-FS-004
Warning - Local Mafia
Parking Only

Item: DS-FS-005
Warning - No
Trespassing - If Dog
Doesn't Eat You Your
Ass is Mine
Item: DS-FS-006
Warning - No
Trespassing - Forget
The Dog Beware Of
The Wife
Item: DS-FS-007
Warning - Bar Rules
If you are still
standing you need
another beer.
Item: DS-FS-008
Warning - Pool Rules
- No Skinny Dipping

Item: DS-FS-009
Warning - House
Rules - My Wife is
Always Right

Item: DS-FS-010
Warning - Office
Rules - No Working
During Drinking
Item: DS-FS-011
Warning - Man Cave -
Restricted Entry.

Item: DS-FS-012
Warning - Land Rules
- No Democracy
Beyond This Point

Item: DS-FS-013
Warning - No
Trespassing Crazy Cat
On Premisses

Item: DS-FS-014
Warning - No
Soliciting - I dont Like
You ...

Item: DS-FS-015