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Looking for professional Design & Printing?

Printex Design is a multi functional design studio that specializes in design and printing. Our designers
specialize in multiple printing technologies which helps to offer our customers the right way of printing
according to their needs, demands, and budget. Because of our multi trained staff you will never face delays
or high expenses because of wrongly prepared files.

At Printex Design we work hard to provide best possible service along with competitive pricing in all wide rage
products and services we offer.

During last 5 years we worked hard to create close relationship with leading wholesale manufacturers in all
fields of printing, marketing and advertising which helps us to provide multiple types of printing and other
services for good price and uncompromised quality. Great example of that is our sign products with life time
guarantee and perfect clean execution every time.

We also work hard no constantly looking out for more greener and environmentally friendly products and
manufacturing technologies that can help us bee more green which in return comes to you and gives you
bragging rights as well.

All in all we really greatfull to all our customers in supporting us and for keep coming back and we hope to
continue providing same level of excellent service that kept us going for last 8 years ...

Thank you!
                                                                                           Printex Design
T: 818.956.1400 • 1731 W. Glenoaks Blvd. Suite 205 • Glendale, CA 91201
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